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ZenReaperZ – ZenReaperZ (Mixtape)
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ZenReaperZ, an influential D.M.V. art collective, just recently released their first self-titled group tape.

The ZenReaperZ collective consists of four major recording artists: Ethos, POW3RQ, Android, and Johnny B. The three audio producers and engineers of the group include: DT3, ANiMUS, and Strategik.

Collective • Creative Platform • Lifestyle
MGMT: @DMV_Love_Radio
Twitter & IG: @zenreaperz
Contact: •

Ethos (@ethosmusic94)
ANiMUS (@animusmusic94)
Android (@aj-the-android)
POW3RQ (@zrp3q)
Johnny B (@xohnnyravo)
DT3 (@xalton)
StrateGik (@lavishmusic)

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