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@YourOldDroog & @DJSkizz – Your Old Droog (EP Prod. by @ElRTNC )
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With all the hype surrounding @YourOldDroog between articles about him being Nas, to other websites claiming they’ve met with him to confirm hes not (One here - ) I kept seeing the name pop up on my timeline and paid it no mind.  Seemed like a fun game for the town idiots to play while they were bored….. all the way up until I had a tweet from 1975 days ago get retweeted………… it was a youtube account from 2009 for grandmaondrums…. one of the most ridiculously talented JBTV (JoeBuddenTV.Com) rappers I ever came across.

“Grandma” as he went by, never showed his face in his freestyle videos…. he’d just hit you with bar after bar of crack with a ridiculous delivery and one of a kind voice…. I never thought he sounded like Nas until I heard all the comparisons…. As SOON as I hit play, the voice took me back to the freestyles!! Here we are 5 yrs later, and grandma has RETURNED to capture the masses with a phenomenal EP, and I can’t tell ya’ll how excited I am to see him back at it!!

With no further ado, hit play, zone out, and take in what you’ve been missing!! Welcome back “Grandma”…. or should I say, Droog?

@YourOldDroog @DjSkizz @ElRTNC on twitter

Props to @nasty45 for bringing this to my attention

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