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Taiyamo Denku feat Mistaloo Meff – Sandman’s Sanity (single)
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You might not want to Sleep any longer after hearing theĀ Erie emotional melody thatĀ Australian producer Dcypha put together surrounded by rugged Hard Boom bap Drums. Two Milwaukee Emcee’s Come together to create this Sanity you are hearing. Neither of them want you to sleep on them , on what they represent or on what they stand for. A Perfect title for a Perfect Idea, If Sandman was Sane he wouldn’t put others to sleep he would wake them up so they don’t. Denku the Cypha Den outfit member takes the reins on the track with less aggression more clever lyrics. Then Mistaloo comes in to help with the back and forth hook that sums up the meaning of the song as a whole. Meff’s verse lets you know who he is , and highlights his rugged style that could take you straight to the 90′s underground where lyrics mattered.


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