The Ultimate Spot for the 262 Area Code


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Chrisjaan is an up and coming artist hailing from Indianapolis Indiana. His latest EP, Tithes is a journey inside Chrisjaan’s life with hard hitting rap bars, smooth and soulful samples, and sultry r&b vocals. We at ISO admire Obscure Sound and would consider it an honor to have you feature Chrisjaan on your platform. Within the attached press kit is information all about Chrisjaan and the Tithes EP, as well as images you could use in your publication . You will also find the link to Chrisjaan’s Soundcloud account with all of the fully mastered versions of the tracks on Tithes EP. The project was released on April 19th.

Chrisjaan LeMann’s short documentary can be viewed here on Youtube:

Twitter – @ChrisjaanLeMann

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