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Burgie Streetz – God’s Hands (Album)
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Streetz, let me be the first to say thank you! Thank you for taking the time to paint us pictures. You’ve successfully crafted stories than we can close our eyes and visualize. An audio journey 15 tracks long. You hand picked singers who complimented these stories, and added to the ambiance. Each individual adding a necessary piece to the puzzle.

Thank you for taking time to select production that complimented your vision. The transition from track to track is flawless. It is effortless to follow in your footsteps every step of this journey. From tragedy to triumph. From the struggles to the success. You limited the features to show you could carry a project on your own, and you delivered!

I refuse to gas artists, or force feed myself music due to availability. Yet I find myself listening to this project from beginning to end, over and over and over again. I am proud of you Streetz. You didn’t sacrifice your vision to appeal to the kids. You didn’t sacrifice your sound to appeal to what the radio plays. You took your time, and you delivered the most cohesive and air tight project I’ve heard locally, or nationally, in a long time.

You focused on what you could control, and you left the rest up to God. This is now in his hands. Salute!!

Twitter – @StreetzEMP

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