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About Us

As music continues to evolve electronically the relationship between the artist and the consumer has  become weaker. No longer are the days of clutching your favorite artist cd or tape being able to feel the value of hard work. So, aims to be that bridge that always provides a personal relationship between the artist and the people. Social media doesn’t always provide the proper platform when trying to explain your life in a short paragraph.

Here we will give you the most in depth interviews and behind the scenes of some of the best artists across the globe. Our goal is to build a relationship with all independent artists under one roof for us all to thrive in. When they think of Wisconsin we want them to feel connected to Rapcine and everything we stand for. Racine has always been a breeding ground for starving artists and now we are breeding our own.

If you would like to be featured on our website email Include a link to your SoundCloud, Reverb Nation, or YouTube(official video only). A high resolution picture along with short bio and all social media information.  Welcome to the one stop shop for everything hip-hop in the state of Wisconsin. Welcome to…………..It’s more than Music!