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Madison Jay – 98 Freestyle

After setting the past 6 months ablaze with visuals from his debut album ‘Return Of The Gap’ Raleigh NC artist Madison Jay returns with 2 new bombs in 1 with the ’98 Freestyle! Over the classic 1998 tracks “It’s Alright” from Jigga and “Blackout” from the Darkman X County! sets the booth on fire with bars like “I hear a lot of we(oui) but I ain’t French tho/D hop up out of the Chamberz like I’m French Tho! Listen to this now and look forward to new music from the great Madison Jay in 2017.

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Twitter - @themadisonjay

Al-One ft illmaculate & Theory Hazit – Legends Of The Fall (single)

Portland artist Al-One returns with new heat fresh off of releasing his Good God Bad Business video, produced by !llmind. This time Al connects with fellow Sandpeople member and battle rap legend illmaculate, as well as a legend in his own right – MC/Producer Theory Hazit. Al, ill, and Theory serve up a deadly amount of BARS over the smooth yet banging production provided by Rey Holliday. Illmac leads things off, breaking down the methods to his madness like only the champ can. While Al steps up next showing no signs of weakness, hitting the people with his slick wordplay and game. Finally, Theory Hazit knocks this song out of the park – dancing all over the beat with metaphors for days. Two releases in and it’s looking like Al-One’s new EP Sharptongue is going to be straight fire, officially worldwide June 2nd.

Good God Bad Business (Prod by !llmind)

Jay Tablet – All Fours (Music Video)

Oregon artist Jay Tablet returns with new music and visuals for his self-produced single “All Fours.” Following up his last album Pay The Tab, Jay returns with his first official release in two years and takes a trip out to sunny C.A. to flex on the golf course. Talking his shit like only Jay can, Tab shows why he’s a jack of all trades – not only handling the raps but making the beat and even editing his own music video. Things have changed a little bit in Jay Tab’s life recently as he welcomed his first child into the world, but he’s still managed to carve out time to deliver quality production time after time. Watch “All Fours” and roll out with Jay Tablet below. Also, be sure to tap in with Tab on Twitter @JayTablet

[Music]- Championship Slide – Big Mucci Ft Baby Bugsy (prod By Poly Rob) @BigMucci

Big Mucci the line dance king recruits Akron’s Baby Bugsy to lead the campaign for the 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers championship run in the playoffs with a dance that’s sure to be in everyone rotation. Big Mucci made it onto the scene nationally with the Biker’s Shuffle in 2015, with other hits Booty Bounce, and Cleveland Shuffle. Check out the Championship slide at the Q Arena.


Rapcine 1 on 1 With ReadyRockDee (Interview)


Artist Name: ReadyRockDee

Hometown: Yonkers, NY (Currently Bridgeport, CT)

Genre: Hip-Hop

Attributes: Lyrical Emcee, Versatile flows, Great stage presence

ReadyRockDee has made appearances on 7 national tours and has opened for major artists like Snoop Dogg, DMX, Raekwon, Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, & many more while also headlining his own shows throughout the East Coast spear heading the Hip-Hop collective Rowdy City. Some of his influences include Nas, Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Joe Budden, and Fabolous.
ReadyRockDee promises to stay true to that authentic, lyrical emcee style and is poised to make a great impact on the culture. He exudes unique energy performing live in concert & gives a great show. Coming off of Rowdy City’s 1st official project, “WildN’ 4 Respect” he is set out to release a solo body of work this summer 2017. With his growing popularity and the success of his impressive music catalog thus far, he has have been able to secure mass amounts of tour dates increasing his fan base and demand across the country.

Let’s get to it!

Introduce yourself:

My stage name is ReadyRockDee. I was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. I now reside in Bridgeport, CT and spent the last 10 years in Bridgeport.

What is unique about you and your music?

I’m a free spirit with my own ideals and rules to life. I pride myself on being authentic and true to the style of hip-Hop I feel in love with. Lyrics and flow mean the most to me. I’m huge on Having memorable lines and creative wordplay.
My stage show is what separates me from most of my peers. I embody a true emcee.

What shaped your music?

Of course my upbringing and surrounding . Coming up Yonkers, NY during a time when YONKERS had a serious impact on the game, being from one of the most notorious projects in NY “Mulford Gardens” where I’ve witnessed and been apart of all types of crazy shit. I’d also say The competitiveness that hip-hop represents is what shapes my music. I love the idea of being the best lyricist, having the hottest verse, being witty and clever. Before music , I was a very solid athlete and well known basketball player in my city. I’d like to think my competitive spirit comes from that too.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

After I opened up for Lloyd Banks in CT back in 2010. It was one of my first big shows (Sold out at 1000 capacity) and we “Rowdy City” were really beginning to make a name for ourselves locally and regionally around that time. We sold out all of our merch and put on a great show. But that moment solidified any doubts and people started taking us seriously. It became more than a glorified hobby at the moment, we knew there was no turning back.

What type of music do you listen to?

Aggressive, lyrical hip hop is my preference. However I pretty much listen to everything because there’s a environment for all types hip-hop. When I’m working out, cleaning the crib, or just hanging out, I like music with more meaning and substance. When I’m in the club, a cookout, or at a party, that turn up music be the wave. Then when I’m chilling with my lady, I can smooth it out and go R&B. It depends.

Who to you, is the most undervalued artist? Lloyd Banks. But there’s a few, I fuck with Nipsey and Freddie Gibbs too.

How do you prepare for your performances?

Tons of rehearsals in the crib with the remote as the microphone. Early sound checks before everyone arrives at the venue. I like to visualize my set. I also like to youtube some of my favorite emcees to draw inspiration. There’s nothing like being prepared and ready to deliver your best show. It brings out the best in the music. It’s my favorite part of being an emcee.

What ignites your (song) writing flow?

I’m completely random. Sometimes I can write mad verses to no beat just based on a spontaneous experience. Other times I can hear some dope beats and be in the zone for hours. I’m probably at my best when I can combine a personal experience with a popular subject in the culture. I like to incorporate my perspectives and give a unique outlook on trending topics.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

I go to the gym for workouts. I don’t ball as much as I used to, but I still got game. I like being around my loved ones being a family man. Watch tons of sports. But at the end of the day I always end up doing something Hip-Hop related. It’s more than music to me, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a culture.

Success to you is:

Being a responsible man that provides for his family. Living life on your terms and embracing everything that comes with it.

Tell us about your upcoming project:

My solo project is titled “Someone. They’ll. Always. Remember.” It’s going to be filled with dope raps over all original production and top notch lyricism. I’m bringing that authentic, refreshing Hip-Hop feel that made me fall in love with Hip-Hop. It’s going to be debuted with the Shadyville DJ’s (DJ Superior) and independently distributed. We’ll be announcing some tour dates very soon along with the promo roll out. I leaked a bonus cut “Stack my Bundles” produced by Tu$hay on my YouTube and SoundCloud. The video for it should be dropping soon as well. Stay tuned, subscribe to my movement on all social media and be on the lookout for new content. I intend on bringing you Hip-Hop in its purest form and will follow through on my promise to deliver a great body of work. Peace to Jesse and everyone at for the interview. Salute!!

Social Media Links:

Von Alexander – Motions (prd. DMND)

Jesus Christ Von!! There was one point in this track where I SWEAR the man had to be armed with a red bull and thesaurus. While I won’t take the time to butcher the lyrics, from :50 to 1:50 is pure lyricism and flawless delivery.


Excellent work!

Milwaukee is in good hands ya’ll!!

Twitter - @whatsupvxn

Rita Rabbit – “2 Fly 2 Be A Side Chick” (single)

Rita Rabbit is a female recording artist out of NC. She is the total package, tackling any style thrown her way. From classic hip hop, dub step to pop and a great look, the self proclaimed “Female Lex Luger” is the total package.

The two time Carolina Music Awards winner for best Female Hip Hop Artist in the Carolinas has enjoyed time on the road touring with Diamond from the group Crime Mob in 2012, and 2013.

Twitter/IG - @Rita_Rabbit


D2X is a quiet and mysterious artist that has been making waves throughout Chicago and its suburbs throughout the course of 2016 with a series of singles engineered and produced by the same artists that have geared G Herbo’s career as of late. In 2017 D2X looks to truly take over the game with a beautifully synced, produced and respective project that can appeal to fans from anywhere and everywhere.