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TruthCity – While You Were Sleeping (album)

Following your dreams comes with a price. It tests the loyalty of friends and breaks you down mentally and emotionally. Being able to see the lesson in every hardship is essential to growth and TruthCity’s ‘While You Were Sleeping’ is the embodiment of that ideal. The once homeless emcee tells a tale of struggle and triumph and gives his audience the strength they need to keep going.

“I started shaping this album piece by piece in the summer of 2016. I intended for it to be a departure from my bright, jazzy boom bap hip-hop style. I was tired of being confined to rapping. I wanted to showcase my songwriting and test my vocal skills. This was also around the time I had quit my job and I was sleeping on a friend’s couch. My phone had gotten turned off and I was living dime to dime scratching to eat every day borrowing money from friends. I was also doing shows almost every other week performing songs like “The Family” and “Get Rich.” Through it all I got the blessing of having studio equipment provided to me to finish this project. So I had to become an audio engineer in a month and not having money on a day to day was eating away at my spirit.” -TruthCity

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J.Eliaye – They Say (video)

Well, better late than never!! For those who’ve been sleeping like us, allow this video to be the alarm clock!! This young man J.Eliaye is making serious noise with his music, his videos are top notch, and his work ethic is something to behold!! With shows booked all across Canada, it’s time to get in tune!! Check the new video “They Say” doing stupid numbers!!

Twitter: @Jeliaye
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Int’l Hay Sús Ft. Lil Dev – Black Panther Rebels | Dir. @TheRealJayPusha

East Oakland artist Int’l Hay Sús drops the powerful new music video for “Black Panther Rebels” featuring Lil Dev directed by Jay Pusha. Produced by FeezyDisABangah, Hay Sús and Dev speak on police brutality and offer their own solution to the problem. Living in the Bay Area, police scandal and violence is an ever increasing problem with current drama in both Oakland and San Francisco Police departments. “Black Panther Rebels” plays out like any other day in The East, with a trip to the store ending up in harassment from the boys in blue. Having graduated from Howard University in 2015, Hay Sús does a great job of mixing current social issues with a straight up slap.
Watch the cinematic “Black Panther Rebels” music video and look out for more music from Int’l HaySús in 2017!


Twitter - @Haysus510 @TheRealJayPusha @High_Guy_Dev

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MANWOLVES ft. KAINA and Ric Wilson – Sing Along (single)

Six musicians from Evanston, Illinois form a jazz fused Hip-Hop band called Manwolves. Today Manwolves releases a tune that will stay in rotation all spring/summer of 2017. “Sing Along” will have you doing exactly what the title is, singing along. Ric Wilson and Kaina assist on this catchy song making it even more enjoyable from beginning to end.
Manwolves are looking to capitalize on strong 2016. The year started off with a bang when Spotify placed “You” on the US viral 50 playlist in January. Topping off at #4 on the chart. Expect more great music from Manwolves this year but until then sing along to your new favorite song.


[FEATURE TAKEOVER]- [Video] @itsVain #Hello

Vain has dropped his much anticipated video for his Hit Single “Hello” which reached the Mediabase Top 100 Tracks with National Radio spins giving the single an audience of over 10 million.

VAIN was a protege of the late great Big Kap aka “The Wardin,” who is credited with helping to launch Biggie Smalls career and is best known for his critically acclaimed Mixtape “The Tunnel ,” with Funkmaster Flex.

Big Kap introduced VAIN and his song “Hello,” on his Burnunit Legends Tour. Big Kap also performed live with Vain during the Tour and a clip of that final live performance is featured in the “Ain’t No Nigga Like Me,” video.

VAIN and Big Kap callaborated on the single “Bottles In the Air” which features a rare vocal performance from “The Wardin” himself. VAIN’s single “Throw It Back,” was featured on Big Kap’s final Mixtape “State2State.”

VAIN performed “Hello” when he opened up for the one and only Snoop Dogg at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, California and at DJ Demp’s Birthday Bash where Yo Gotti was also on the Marquee.

[Single] Atwaters – These 3 Words (Prod. by Eddie Deuce) @Atwaters4sho

Atwaters is a hip hop artist from Gainesville, Florida who’s astonishing stage presence has now been taken to South Korea. Through consistent performances as well as hosting
shows throughout Korea, Tokyo,Hong Kong, and the Phillipines he has become the artist to watch for in Southeast Asia.

Check out the new single “These 3 Words”, beautifully shot in Hong Kong, which shows Atwaters enjoying the local scene while letting off rapid flows over an Eddie Deuce produced track sampling the classic song of the same title by Stevie Wonder.

With clever concepts and extensive versatility over infrequent beats,
Atwaters is sure to bring a new ingredient to the table while simultaneously
gaining acclaim from new audiences,
throughout the international scene.

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@Atwaters4sho (IG/Twitter)

23rd Nation – Fear The 23rd (album)

For years, it seemed like the art of the rap group was dying in music. It seemed as though consumers were more intrigued with solo acts, and groups were forming but crumbling at an alarming rate. Then, you turn on music from a group like 23rd Nation, and you’re forced to step back, and as a hip hop enthusiast you step back and think that the art of the rap group is alive, and well.

23rd Nation, with blends of Lil Wayne, Wu Tang, Outkast, and millennial fire power, delivers a breathtaking body of work on Fear The 23rd.

Start to finish listens are a rarity today, even amongst mainstream heavyweights. It’s usually because of redundancy. If an artists’ track list has 10 songs, if after five songs you’ve heard the same track five times, then you won’t want to hear the next five. With 23rd Nation, because of the shock value from track to track, and all of the different sounds, and voice manipulations, running through this eight song track list was actually easy, and boosted its replay value.

Twitter: @_23rdNation @_DonMykel
Instagram: @23rdNation @DonMykel

Lost God ft Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Sosa Makaveli -In Yo Face “Benihana’” (Official Music Video)

Hot New Visual from The West Coast 1st rounder ” Lost God ” In Yo Face “Benihana” featuring XXL, Fader and Complex’s artist to look out for ATL’s own Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Lost God also connects with Sosa Makaveli on this collab !! This is the 1st visual Off The Post Office Vol 1 Tape Hosted By Professor X & Mixtape Kitchen (Prod By Inomekindakitchen) dropping Feb 27th on Spinrilla

peep the visual and get the mixtape when it drops then hit Lost God up via Twitter. @lostgodtne & IG @lostgod1618