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Cryface Jordan – “Neutral”

Remaining ambiguous in nature, a group going by the moniker of Cryface Jordan has emerged with a sultry R&B/Trap sound. Aligning themselves as social commentators in this new social media age where opinions change with daily memes, Cryface Jordan challenges the listener to focus on the music rather than the image of the artists, their sex and other characteristics. Cryface Jordan chooses to remain anonymous behind a mask and says anything without inhibitions and judgement.

Trackwide “On My Mind” ft. Gabriela Tristan [Produced by: AbJo]

When its sunny for more than 300 days out of the year, most people would think that there’s nothing to complain about. But in South East San Diego, home of Hip-Hop duo, Trackwide (Mischif and Deuce iLL) the inner city provides a different life and set of expectations.

“In 2006 or 2007 in high school we started working on music but by 2007 and 2008 we were much more serious about it and began perfecting our craft.” Deuce iLL explained. “We come the from the South East side of the city where its more urban, but we’ve been all around so I feel like we are kind of giving the vibe of the whole town.

While they live on palm tree line lined streets, the reality of being a minority youth in America in 2016 is still real. Mischif and Deuce account for that in that in their music but they also find ways to create music for all places and times. With origins in the backpack rap scene Trackwide prides itself on still being able to step outside the box with trap music, party music and

“The San Diego Hip-Hop scene is different out here man. You got a lot of cats out here trying to do the same thing as everyone across the country, but you also have a lot of different scenes as well within that. You have the hipster scene, the trap rappers, backpack rappers,” Mischif added. “We do a little bit of all of that, that’s what Trackwide stands for. Its like world-wide but we do all types of tracks.”

So Gaudy – ’6 Days Later’

Sin City rapper So Gaudy returns to kick off the Fall season with yet another project this year, 6 Days Later. The project is a smoked out and slightly leaned out effort that slaps listeners from the gate with intricate production from producer/engineer extraordinaire, Cream.

After performing at SXSW for VirdiKo’s Bankroll Fresh tribute and since releasing two projects earlier this year (So So’s Way, Keys & Trees), So Gaudy has been on a feverish push with fresh content.

“We’ve just been trying to stay consistent with the video releases. I think we did a video for almost every song on the last few projects” So Gaudy explained. “This project is a response to some of the people that have tried to ride the wave of my success over the past few years.I cut a lot of people off, I’m more focused, I’m dedicated to the craft and I’ve been stacking my bread with these past few releases.”

So Gaudy’s past few visuals ended up on, ItsBizkit, WeTheWest and others, as Gaudy shot a video for every song on each project via his YouTube channel. Until visuals for this project begin rolling out fans can enjoy this 10 song effort available via DatPiff.

Menace D ft. MRKI – “Homecoming”

Miami native Menace D is an upcoming drummer turned rapper debuting his first single “Homecoming.” After playing in local bands for a majority of his life, he decided he wanted a new lane to express himself. Having a love for hip hop and rap his whole life he thought it was time to tap into his unknown talent. “Homecoming” is the first release off his debut album, which is scheduled to release later this year.

Courteous L – PROPHET OR PROFIT (Album)

Courteous L & GodBLESSbeatz present “Prophet or Profit”. A conceptual project detailing the internal conflict we have with doing what’s right vs. doing what feels good . Entirely produced by godBLESSbeatz and featuring Snazz Gaudy & Jacardi Jacobs.

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Benjamin III – They Lied To Us (album)

Knoxville, TN emcee Benjamin III is back with his latest project “They Lied To Us”. At the height of all the tensions in America, Bejamin wanted to offer his perspective.

In his own words: How easy we give in to the pressures of media, who force feeds us an artificial idea of being. This creates voices in our heads telling us we arent smart, pretty, strong enough to be accepted in this false reality they created. TLTU is my story on falling victim to this, before realizing the power in knowing and loving self.

Benjamin iii




Gerald Walker – Target Redux (album)

Today rapper, songwriter, author, Gerald Walker releases his latest effort, “TARGET Redux“.
The release features remixes and never–before–heard tracks from the original TARGET album.
The album is also accompanied by Walker’s self-published book, “Target Practice: 52 Weeks to Completing My Album“.
This year Gerald spent a portion of 2016 in Europe, Australia and North America embarking on his 12-city “TARGET World Tour“.
Watch the official #TARGETRedux trailer here:

For more information on Gerald Walker, please visit:
Twitter: @WalkWithGerald
Facebook: @GeraldWalker
Instagram: @GeraldWalker
Youtube: @GeraldWalkerTV
SoundCloud: @WalkWithGerald