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Felly – Young Fel (EP)

Building off of his previous five projects and nine beat-tapes from the past several years, Felly’s most recent release, Young Fel, presents the epitome of that distinct sound Felly has been developing for the past several years. With this release, Felly is determined to “spread positivity and hit the world with his wave”.


iLLustrious Music Group – It Was Summer (album)

MeRCY, see.francis, Bishop, KoJazz and in-house producer Solidified unite for this family function. With their solo careers firmly established, the iLLustrious members reassembled to release the highly anticipated project, It Was Summer. Collectively, they have released a slew of records. However, the album’s official single, “Talk About”, was to recapture the essence of it all. The sound of the album built significantly on the previous records, with Solidified using more keyboards and string samples, as well as, along with outside production from ill Tal, E. Mishene and Latrell James to provide a different soundscape. Whether MeRCY baring his vulnerable side on “I’ll Be Sure”, KoJazz talking that talk on “Talk About”, Bishop cruising on “50 Shades of Green” or see.francis harmonizing on “Shots”, iLLustrious is in top form here, sounding both relaxed and hungrier than ever. All Summer ’16s & hooks for your enjoyment.

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Taiyamo Denku feat. L Majestic & RAMBUNXIOUS – GUTTER NOISE (single)

Seasoned Milwaukee emcee Taiyamo Denku and Australian producer counterpart D-Cypha proudly present the latest audio effort from their Cypha Den Music imprint titled “Gutter Noise”. The single features an instrumental that gives off that rugged, underground sound found predominantly in the nineties era of the genre. The duo are also joined by newly signed Cypha Den Music artists, L. Majestic and Rambunxious. Listen as the three musketeers of Hip Hop deliver bone breaking lyricism along with an adrenaline filled chorus courtesy of Denku. This single serves as an audio appetizer for what the imprint has in store for the remainder of 2016. Press play and experience “Gutter Noise”.







Taiyamo Denku:

Cory Cifax – Dashcams & Hashtags (single)

Editor’s Note: This is quite possibly the most important song to arrive to Rapcine is our entire existence. Phenomenal work Cory!! The below entry is in his own words.

I’ve sat in rooms with some Caucasian brothers and sisters who share my faith and I’ve noticed a huge disconnect and even subtle denial that the reality that I face so often, is not much of a reality at all. It isn’t until I share stories of knees in my neck walking on the sidewalk, or the many police officers who threw me to the ground as I pleaded ‘I cannot breathe’ only to get the response of ‘stop resisting’. This was my 18th birthday. When I share that I’ve been stopped and frisked for going to the grocery store, or ‘that I fit the description’ while waiting for a friend, or told I’m a suspect with a gun while I am cleaning my car. I feel I have to bombard them with examples, so they might consider unequal treatment could be possible.

My distrust towards the police is not based on media, or statistics, it’s based on interactions. My anger is not because I hate all police officers but because I want to trust the police and believe that these are the public servants they are described to be. So when the murders occur at the hands of police officers to more unarmed black men, my heart drops, hopelessness creeps in, I sob and pray for a change.

I believe that this dark tragic moment in history is a huge opportunity for the church. If the church, who has shown ourselves not to be immune to segregation, can listen to one another, I mean truly seek to understand one another; I believe in all sincerity we can lead the way in reconciliation. However we have to have these tough conversations and those who have the privilege to ignore the problem should choose not to.

This is why the song was created, to basically aid the narrative. It’s a story of tardy empathy and late listening. I really believe this song is a conversation piece, that can be used to bring clarity and to share my heart and hope.


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D-Whip – West Road Flows (Remix)

D-Whip opens up about his inner struggle with the game, the road less traveled amongst his friends, chasing a dream, the lack of support from family and how he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He definitely did this track justice! TMO is the team!

Twitter – @CamMDWhip

Derin Falana – Bet [Official Music Video]

Derin Falana shared his Live From Rocky Mountain mixtape this spring, prepping us for summer with a collection of R&B-tinged rap perfect for the hottest nights in Brampton, Ontario — the Greater Toronto Area city the rapper hails from. Today, he’s come through with the video for “Bet,” a stylish clip for the catchy, mid-tempo jam, which sees Falana making his way through the city from day until night.

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INSTAGRAM: @derinfalana


Mike Vegaz – The Story Of A King (Single)

Portland rapper Mikey Vegaz has steadily been dropping heat month after month. Following up on his 100 Bands visual, MV returns with The Story Of A King produced by Buckmouth Beatz. Featuring the smooth vocals of Dominique Sounds, Mikeydoes what he does best, taking over the beat with vivid storytelling and crisp wordplay. If consistency is key Mikey Vegaz already has the door unlocked. Since being featured in The Source’s Unsigned and Hyped in 2008, MV has taken his brand and sound to another level. Now in 2016, Vegaz has been full time working to launch his own label, Pyrex Media, with new music from artists EJ and FliBoiMoe buzzing up and down the west coast.

Rapcine Presents – Racine’s Got Talent 2 (Highlight Video)

Multiple contestants descended upon the Bryant Center in July to perform in front of their city and multiple judges.

Special thank you to Racine County Eye & Heather Asiyanbi.
The Bryant Center Lesia Hill and Cynthia Barker.
Mayor John Dickert.
Andy Riggs from Kiss FM.
Nathan Graham from Kiss FM.
April Dovorany from CBS.
Mag from Milwaukee.

And most definitely all of our donors, contestants, and the members of the community who showed up to see them!

Our winner was Sheekah Moore.
Our runner up was Christina Pringle.

Video footage edited by Garmin Lawson!

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If you’d like us to be involved in your community activity, please reach out 262-880-4326 Jesse Booker.

Tray Pizzy Feat. Makarel & Devvon Terrell – Never Lose x Let Go (2 videos)

The other day I asked the masses for the best video they’d seen by an unsigned emcee and the homie Jus Smith sent me the link to what you see above. A ten minute movie from a young man from NY clearly making some serious moves! The first video being the east coast anthem “Never Lose” which is definitely a hustler’s anthem! The visuals show you the life of a young man making moves and taking advantage of every opportunity he’s being given…. then comes the change up. This is what separated this movie from any video that’s been submitted to Rapcine in a LONG time. Tray not only delivers a dope story/video, but he and Director Jaison Blackrose deliver the damn video FROM BOTH SIDES, male and female. Salute young man! I’m definitely a fan!

While the features did their thing, you carried the weight here boss! And Jaison, wow!!

Artist: Tray Pizzy
Prod: Frankie P (Never Lose) x CamGotHits (Let Go)
Directed By: Jaison Blackrose (@JaisonBlackrose)
Co Directed By: Tray Pizzy (@TrayPizzy)

Feature – @DevvonTerrell 

To hear his latest project, listen below!