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#Rapcine Freestyle – Mickey Factz (Video)

The first Mr. Increible didn’t wear a red suit and fight evil doers with his family. He resided in NY. His super power wasn’t incredible strength, it was a ridiculous vernacular and word play that would make your favorite rapper in 2016 grab a thesaurus and fact check his bars on wikipedia. Mickey Factz has been a star since “Incredible” dropped, and his black apple roots have never left him, as he continues to take every stage by storm, regardless of the crowd size in front of him. While I have a ton of show footage to edit, I wanted to release the exclusive freestyle the young man gave me!! Salute big homie!

Twitter – @Mickeyfactz

Smokey Da Bandit feat. Suave Da Lyricist – Manifesto (Prod. QB & Nascent)

Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist return with their follow-up single Manifesto from the project From The Low 2 Da Town 2. The record is produced by QB & Nascent (50 Cent, Sly Polaroid, LEP Bogus Boys, Mikkey Halsted). This song is packed with pain and anger and will surely open your eyes to what’s in front of you.

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Shawn Archer – Dope (Prod By: Brandon Lee)

SKE Records has a new artist on the roster that goes by Shawn Archer. As the Philly label is getting heavy industry cosigns with rise of Trel Mack. They’ve been building a heavy movement and is now following up with Shawn Archer. Shawn Archer drops his new release “Dope” produced by Brandon Lee.
Twitter - @IamShawnArcher


Nefelibata – All I Know (Prod. @Mike2Regal)

I was sure the song was from a different country, then I read Milwaukee!! I can’t even pronounce the group’s name, but the sound!!! The MF SOUND!! Thank you young man! What’s so damn impressive about Milwaukee is that NONE OF THESE ARTISTS SOUND THE SAME!! I love every submission I stumble on from every emcee blazing their own trail! Check them out!

Twitter - @_TysonSpears @Mike2Regal @druzoom3

Gio Martin – All A That (Prod. By Cam On The Beat)

Gio Martin & Cam On The Beat linked up for Gio’s 3rd Single of 2016, “All A That”. You can play this in the club, in the car, at the beach, pretty much anywhere. Honestly, who doesn’t wan’t “All A That”? The money, power, women, cars, diamonds are all household desires amongst the Hip Hop community. Work hard, dedicate time to your craft, give the utmost effort at all times and one can easily attain these things. Gio Martin certainly exemplifies these qualities on this record, coming with an aggressive flow, witty punchlines and a hypnotic hook over heavy bass and harmonic bells. Be sure to play this at HIGH VOLUME.

Connect with Gio Martin

Instagram: @GiggMusic
Soundcloud: @giomartindmt

G-Law – Some People (Dir. glaw67)

Garmin Lawson (G-Law) is a Racine native who has been producing and writing music since 6. He is the founder of GMTA corp. He has Produced songs for many artist in the Racine area as well as Directed videos for know artist such as Bakeahman, Chalant, Phine Azeva, FocusFam, Goonie VanExel, Dollaz Improvin And We Are One. ​Sit back and enjoy an original from the man himself as he touches on the many types of people you may interact with from your community on any given day and peep the man’s camera work and editing abilities, along with his effortless ability to emcee!

IG – @glaw67

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Water.lo – Too Much (p. Lukrative // Makaih Beats)

Milwaukee is like an all you can eat buffet for amazing hip hop. No matter where you turn, there seems to be another artist popping up, and delivering! The newest young emcee to deliver from Milwaukee is Rapcine newcomer Water.lo. His newest single “Too Much” paired the duo of producers Lukrative & Makaih Beats for your listening pleasure. Check him out!

Twitter – @waterxlo

Easker Buckley – Baby You Know (Single)

Buckley is back with a throwback sound that brings me back to new years eve parties in the basement with the fam!! I close my eyes and imagine 100 people toasting on the dance floor and breakin it down! He’s captured a sound that makes me smile ear to ear and this song will definitely get heavy rotation with me. Whether I’m riding in the car, hopping in the shower or chillin, the feel of this song is right!

(C) 2016 K.E.B, Records, All Rights Reserved
Produced by Kyrelle Buckley, Robin Wesley Productions
Written and Arrainged by Easker Buckley

Twitter – @easkerbuckley