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Tito The Scumbag – Laced With The Scum (Vol 1)(prod. by @DeonteNeely)

Milwaukee native Tito The Scumbag is putting his foot down and demanding his well-deserved respect with his latest blessing, “Laced With The Scum EP (Vol. 1)”. With six more installments to come, you can tell Tito is beyond focused and ready for all that is to come this year. Hosted by DJ Haze Been Scummy, Volume 1 is laced with eerie, hard-hitting production and uncanny, but prosperous songs that paint the trippiest images of The Scumbag himself. Also laced with guest appearances from Dee Phr3sh! and his Volts brothers, Nimbus Cool and Deonte Neely. It’s hard to put a finger on what the “scum” is exactly, but it’s even harder to hate it.

Twitter – @TitoWhereYaBeen

R.O. Hutch – F.O.M.W. (Official Video)

The son of a musician, Hutch’s father was preparing to sign a production contract with Sugar Hill and the Gang but unfortunately was killed in a car accident the night prior to the scheduled signing date. Hutch, then only one years old, was left to a single parent home. Growing up on the Southside of Raleigh N.C. with older sister Omega and younger brother Frank, Hutch shares a similar beginning to many other rap Superstars. Hutch has always been a musician. At an early age he began to write whole songs, he also is a self taught pianist. Taking after his father Frankie Chrisp, Hutch began to really take rap serious shortly after high school. First cousin and platinum selling producer Black Jeruz played a major role in helping Hutch see the music industry as an attainable destination.

Social Media:
Twitter - @1rohutch
Instagram – thecity101

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Ka$h Diver – Kagome Play [prod.SpaceDolphin]

Ka$h Diver is back with something unique and tranquil but yet a mellowed out banger. Kd brings you Kagome Play produced by Seattle native SpaceDolphin, off his up coming Ep “Art of Fabricated Magic”.  This track is very anime inspired hence the tittle Kagome Play. Kagome is a female anime character who has grown to be a national anime icon is from the hit anime series Inuyasha.

Twitter – @omnipotentKD

Pryde – Thompson Diner (Dir. @jakobowens)

Pryde has the delivery and confidence I fucking LOVE in an emcee. You can’t control a crowd or own a record without an abundance of confidence, and the man’s name definitely fits him! Take PRIDE in your shit Pryde! This track knocks!!
Instagram: whoispryde

»Instagram: JakobOwens

ElonSkee – The Unpopular (Official Music Video)

Elonskee has returned with his latest video “The Unpopular”. The smooth production sets the stage for ElonSkee to own his audience with his story to paint the picture of where his music is going in 2016 and beyond.

Download Link(s):
- The Unpopular [Prod. by The Trill]


MANKIND – Look At Me (prod. Thovo)

Mankind is only 20 years old but he’s already spent nearly four years in the game; non-stop recording has made him a star in his hometown of Hamilton, NJ, where a budding rap scene is starting to bloom in an area deprived of any successful acts.  That does not deter Mankind, real name Scott Kiggins, in fact it inspires him to put Central Jersey on the map.

He’s already released countless singles and EPs, including his 2015 EP Hand Me the World featuring the title track produced by European wunderkind Thovobeats, but Mankind is looking to hit the reset button with his newest single “I’m Gone”, a tough banger produced by the uber talented Marvin Cruz, an up-and-coming producer who’s already worked with Fredo Santana and Lil B.  Mankind and Cruz are set to release an EP of work together in early 2016, with “I’m Gone” serving as the lead single.

Mankind has an underground east coast sound that appeals perfectly with his generation; white suburbia finding their way with some drinking, smoking, and good music to help them through.  He isn’t afraid to express what he thinks and feels in his music, and tends to ignore and bypass musical opportunities that he thinks are too fake, aka the “popping bottles in the club, banging twenty models” type of hip hop.  Mankind keeps it real as possible, and his audience appreciates it, with a lot citing him as “their voice”.

Having already played dozens of shows across the east coast, from Pittsburgh to Richmond, Mankind understands the grind of performing live.  Countless hours have been spent in the car driving to these shows, doing whatever it took to get on stage for how long or how short someone would let him.  That kind of motivation has kept him ready to jump on stage in any situation, in front of 100 people or 20,000 screaming fans.  Nothing fazes him.

With no official single on iTunes or Spotify, Mankind has impressively built an established following, with over 2,000 followers on Twitter and almost 500 followers on SoundCloud.  With a motivation and hunger only matched by the best, plus the drive to be one of the first from his hometown to make it big, Mankind is ready to take on the world.  Just hand it to him.

Twitter – @MankindtheEmcee