The Ultimate Spot for the 262 Area Code Alternatives

FRESH – “What Would You Do” (Dir. @bbrosfilmz)

Fresh is exactly what his name says he is without a doubt. The street veteran has taken his street knowledge and shared it with the world. You can feel the truth in his bars and the pain in his conviction as he stampedes over hot beats with no caution. Real street music will always be born in the bottom and this is the result. Much respect to Monique Alston for always sending us some hot music to move through the Midwest. Check out Fresh”Wat Would You Do?” only on!!



$killz ft. Wave Chapelle – Pull Up [Prod. by PBEEZY BEATS]

$killz of the #DWYD imprint is drawing closer to the moment of truth which entails the release of the musical representation of his new self, Da Game Needs Me. He is still being pretty mute regarding details pertaining to the EP. However, he has decided to share the collective’s second single with the world. It is labeled “Pull Up (HOLUP)” and it features another highly esteemed 414 artist, Wave Chapelle.

PBeezy Beats is the master of the boards for this follow up record. The hardcore base, clean impactful supporting details, glossy rhythm, and businesslike vibe instantly induce a head nodding reaction. The hook is sure to have an effect on the listener too via its taunting tone and colorful lyrics. And the verses round out everything quite nicely. $killz & Wave Chapelle serve up a sense of charisma and finesse that is certain to get the listener amped up in no time. This makes for a very proper successor to the lead single. Please see enclosed Sound Cloud link for listening purposes. A Michael Alston directed visual for “Pull Up (HOLUP)” is on the near horizon. If it is anything like the track, it is sure to be a video that is not to be missed.

Rapcine Director’s Spotlight – @Bbrosfilmz

With over 200 videos under his belt in a matter of a few years Mike Brooks has set himself apart from the competition. Ask around Florida and they will tell you he is the man with the eye for the dramatics. Bringing music to life visually isn’t as easy as he makes it look but tha’s the pay off from hard work and dedication. His range is unbelievable being able to expand into any genre not just hip-hop. As he quickly rises through the ranks he is leaving no question as to how it hapened. Book him for yur next video and check out some of his work right here on!!

Twitter - @Bbrosfilmz


Rapcine Presents Ced Lynch – Director Spotlight

Straight outta Cleveland,Ohio and making waves through the industry with captivating visuals. The Midwest has a chance to become the final piece to the rap game puzzle with this type of ambition. Providing the artists with visual life to songs that would have otherwise gone unnoticed he is like Picasso with a camera.

With industry vets like Stalley and Machine Gun Kelly under his belt already he is looking for 2016 to be his greatest moment yet. Soon every artist major and indie will be knocking his door down for a chance to work with a visual genius. If you’re looking to take your visual to the next level then get in tune with Ced Lynch!!



Drag On – Doin It Freestyle (Video)

Drag is back with a new freestyle over the LL Cool J classic “Doin It”. The Bronx Bomber is still going strong with his 12th promo freestyle!! There’s no questioning the skill!! He’s just giving ya’ll bars til the next Hood Environment project drops! Flame on!

Twitter – @IamDrag_On

Yung Gleesh x Gucci Mane – Tell Me Why (Prod. by @RogerBeat)

DC producer, Roger Beat links up Yung Gleesh & Gucci Mane for his new banger entitled, “Tell Me Why“. The track is already has a home on Roger Beat’s project, Beats N Drugs which is due out September 29th. Could Roger Beat have more in the vault with Gucci Mane, the legend himself? Stay on the look out for Beats N Drugs.
Gucci Mane: @gucci1017
Yung Gleesh: @yung_gleesh
Roger Beat: @rogerbeat

Futuristic – Music Saved My Life (Dir. @JakobOwens)

Futuristic is usually a very animated and outwardly care free emcee who seems to be focused more on having fun with his music and spreading joy, than he is with being considered the “dopest in the hood”. It’s clear that his efforts to display that happiness while enjoying what some would see as monumental success during his nation wide tours and constant video drops has started to weigh on his soul. What most fans become infatuated with is the fame they witness. Not understanding that retweets, favorites and high fives don’t pay the bills or secure a future.

He refuses to sell his soul, or to compromise who he is for a shot at a fortune, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t sometimes wonder what an alternate path could lead him to. Understand this song is merely thoughts and feelings of a man who sometimes questions if everything he’s doing is worth it in the grand scheme of things. This is a glimpse into the mind of the man you don’t see on camera, or at the shows. The deep thoughts of a man sometimes torn. Thank God for music, because thru this avenue, he’s able to pour his heart out for the masses to see, hear and experience his feelings.

Twitter – @OnlyFuturistic @jakobowens

M-Nat – Colors (Dir. @claplantfilms)

Colors is an important song for your audience just because of the sociopolitical landscape of our country currently. Race is always going to be a topic of great discussion. Colors talks about my struggles with being a young minority living in America and resisting society’s need to define people based on skin tone.

Twitter – @MNAT4 @claplantfilms