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Jai Musiq feat. That Boy Cortez & Chris Cross – Funds Up [prod. by Ben Trill]

Joshua “Jai Musiq” Johnson, a student at Morehouse College, has come out with a single that has taken over the streets of Memphis, TN, since its release of June 29, 2015. Featuring Cortavius “That Boy Cortez” Caldwell and Chris “Chris Cross” Marshall, “Funds Up” has been deemed as a part of the New Memphis movement, aspiring to change to feel and sound of Memphis culture. Executively produced by Ty Boyland of G.R.A.M.M.Y. Gang, who is one of the producers to watch in 2015, this song indeed has the special touch. From the flow of Jai Musiq, to the liveliness of That Boy Cortez’s verse and Chris Cross’s ad libs, “Funds Up” has the potential to take off in a major way.

Twitter – @o_my_JOSH @CHances_andRISk @Cortez_Airborne
Executive prod. by @MrBoyland

Genesis Renji – Rubbish (Prod. XYZ)

Gen is back!!! And while he bounces from topic to topic, you can tell he’s fired up! His delivery is always on point, and the just when you thought the track was over:

You thought this was the crescendo 
This just the intro 
I’m detrimental 
On any beat or instrumental
Take this composition sheet
And make that bitch an incidental
Riding through Birmingham 
Wishing it was Sacramento

I need more! Ooh yea yeah!!

Twitter – @genesisrenji

Chadoe Da Cerious – The Manual (album)

Not every man is meant to survive in this game we call hip-hop. Chadoe has been a staple of real hip hop in the Midwest for over 20 years and the blessings continue to come. With time comes wisdom and having the mind to understand that these new barriers in front of his dreams are non existant. Chadoe has put together one of the most well rounded mixtapes I’ve ever heard and it feels like an album. With features from numerous artists he has set the tone for his future and writing the script himself. Check out the latest from the Chicago born Rhyme Animal as he tells Ghost stories of Milwaukee County only on!!

Twitter – @cdoe74

Dayne Jordan – In Progress (Prod. DJ Jazzy Jeff)

I feel like I’ve failed the masses. This young man is paired with one of the best DJ’s of our generation, he’s on a nation wide tour, and his music is phenomenal!! Check the visual out!! Not only can the young man rhyme, he can paint a picture, and deliver an authentic story that exactly represents the young man he is!

Sorry for sleeping Dayne! We’re awake now!

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Pizzle – Once (Prod. @CardoGotWings)

Pizzle is slowly approaching the un-announced release date for Grand Design, and as the heat starts to leak more and more I can’t wait!! If these are just throw away tracks…. ya’ll better run for cover when the album drops.

Twitter – @thefakepizzle @cardogotwings


Trevor The Trashman returns today to unleash the visual for his latest single “The Playbook”. The new record was only released two weeks ago but Trevor seems to be on a mission to make a larger name for himself this Summer. The sexy song gets a video that follows suit and features the Chicago rapper having fun with two pole dancers on a Brooklyn rooftop. Be on the lookout for more from Trevor in the near future.