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D Whip – Whiplash (Album)

I had a vision and I stuck with what I saw. 8 months ago I made a list of things I wanted done before I released Whiplash. Over time I checked every single one of those things off of my list. 75% of these songs have been finished for over a year now and I can honestly say that they are not even close to as good as some of the songs just sitting in an iTunes folder that I have made since Whiplash was completed last April. Sure, it took many months to finish but I knew it would all come together when the time was right – and I’m glad my patience paid off.

I have spent many long nights making this mixtape consumer ready. That means a lot of my own money went into this project. I wanted it to be perfect simply because this 15 song mixtape represents a very important 4-5 month stretch of my life that started in November of 2013. Those days were easily filled with the hardest, both mentally and physically demanding times of my life. Instead of writing about all of the bad, I channeled my thoughts into my music and made bangers that complimented the good going on around me.

This mixtape will be completely free to those who chose to download as so. But, with BandCamps ‘choose your own price’ feature one is able to pay for the mixtape to download at any price they choose. All profits made from this will be handed over to a childhood buddy of mine, Jake Zimmerman. He runs a non-profit organization, His organization sends gifts from Toys R’ Us to those less fortunate overseas. The entire process of the child receiving the gift is then video recorded and sent back to the donator. This way you get to see exactly where your money went and the expression on the child’s face as he/she opens the gift. When a significant amount of money is raised, Jake and I will figure out what we can do best for those in need of a smile. I ask if you are able to spare even a dollar that you do so. It will be amazing to see what can be done with YOUR help and I thank you in advance for it all.

Without any further a due, I proudly present to you — Whiplash. I thank you for all the support shown thus far and I just want you to know that I am excited for my future and for you all to be apart of it.
Twitter – @CamMDWhip

Pennjamin Bannekar – Likes (Dir. Alexander King)

It has been almost 4 years since Penn’s HeartBeat album which spawned his biggest song to date, “ILLwrite“. Penn is back recording new material for his 2nd album entitled, Paper Plane Pilots! Penn is currently crafting the sound of the new album with Flawless Tracks!llmind and celebrated Chicago producers The Fr3shmen(Producers for Fabolous, Jeremih, Cassie, Raekwon, and Travis Parker among others). When asked about the approach for this project, Penn said “I wanted to get more personal on this one. It’s easy to rap, but I want to show skill and tell my audience what’s transpired since I dropped HeartBeat.”

Look for #PPP to be released in 2015!

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Mike Regal – Keep Smokin (Dir. Luke Marlowe)

Mike may have changed the name, but his brand is stronger than ever! Fresh off a Mil Town Beat Down victory, Mike Regal is hell bent on proving he can do just as much damage as an emcee! Salute to Luke Marlowe who makes his Rapcine debut with a phenomenal video!

Twitter: @Mike2Regal
Instagram: @Mike2Regal
Facebook: Mike Regal

Divine Suns ft. Attallah ES Mariposa – “Scarlet Letter” (Dir. Dan Johns)

There was once a time when Hip Hop was not widely popular. Since it was only available in limited markets and under crazy time slots; fans became musical survivalists equipped with backpacks and cassette tapes, hell-bent on capturing any stray musical morsel falling to the ground. At the crossroads of Franz Kafka and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Divine Suns document the evolution of the emcee and their unyielding commitment to the craft.

Directed by Dan Johns, Scarlet Letter is both ode and battle cry. Rather than moan over the current state of Hip Hop (which has become so popular lately), the Suns prefer to offer intimate insight into their respective histories and love with the culture. Borrowing from the classic novel of the same name, Director Dan Johns blends a dreary backdrop and washed-out frames to accentuate a pop of red, symbolically sewing a scarlet A onto the fabric of the video. Simply stated, be it popular or passé, these brothers bear the mark of the emcee with pride.

The airy background vocals of the track are perfectly matched by the angelic glow of Attallah ES Mariposa, both visually and vocally. Yet, it is the unified vibe of family that sets this video apart. Dan John seamlessly stacks a cookout with jutting shots and performance scenes to piece together a puzzle representative of the emcee. While the market floods with formula and format, the Suns happily stick to their own script. This isn’t about what’s wrong. This is about what is right and undeniable. “Since we will not conform, we wear the Scarlet Letter.”

Twitter: @DivineSunsMusic @anonymoustheory  @PlexLong @HunchPunchChamp @DanJohnny5
Instagram: @DivineSunsMusic @anontheory @PlexLongBBE @HunchPunchChamp @DanJohnny5

Divine Suns “Chaos Theory” Album on iTunes:

O Jilla – Super Sexy (Dir. @I_am_TheShooter)

Local popular artist “OJilla The Trapper”, who already claimed
local fame in the early 2000s releases new video “SUPER SEXY” in anticipation of
releasing his upcoming mixtape “GET RICH OR DIE TRAPPIN’.” Which will be released
to explode this summer’s music scene June 2015.

Born, raised and then relocated from Harvey, IL, an south suburb of Chicago, IL, he was
early on crowned as the “Hometown Favorite” of the surrounding cities of Kenosha,
Racine, and Northern Illinois suburbs since the early 2000s, OJilla has always been a
house whole name with his unique soulful, realist sound of hip hop street music. After
an 8 year hiatus of serving prison time, after only 10 months of being home, OJilla burst
back like he never left with keeping up with the times bringing his own original flow on
top of up beats tempos and memorable songs that appeal to many audiences. While
being entirely dedicated to his own sound and following, OJilla has reached out and
collaborated, performed, and opened for many industry legends and big names such as
TOO SHORT, Crucial Conflict, BG of the Cash Money Hot Boys, Bone Thugs N
Harmony, Coo Coo Cal, DO or DIE, King Louie, OT Genesis just to name a few.
“OJilla The Trapper” has made nothing but solid hits and bangers to keep the traps
pumping and the clubs jumping creating imagery with his lyrical stories of the streets.

Being compared to Hip Hop powerhouses such as Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy for their
street wise storytelling, OJilla is the new generation of bringing that old sound a facelift
with staying relevant with the changes of music but standing alone with it comes to
being an artist in his own lane. With the fans and streets eager to hear new music,
along with the release of “Super Sexy,” OJilla has claimed popularity from videos of
other songs that will appear on his upcoming mixtape such as “Talk That Yayo,”
“Shame On You,” and soon to release the video to “James Harden.” THE TRAPPER
has expressed that this mixtape will be his “Best work to date” and feels that he can
only go harder than he has ever went before.

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Ryan Raw – IV & XX (Albums)

After consistently letting tracks go since his Valentine’s Day release “A Bunch of Dumb Love Songs” Michigan artist Ryan Raw has released two 7 track EPs in celebration of the Holidaze. “IV” and “XX” are two full projects where Raw shows us a number of styles and gets quality features from his crew. While IV has more of a smooth feel to it XX is the opposite with hard hitting 808s and tracks. Check out the up & comers project and spread the word.

Download Link for IV:

Download Link for XX:

Social Media Links: @IamRyanRaw on TwitterRyan Raw’s Soundcloud

Renz Young – Tie My Hands (Single)

After releasing Congratulations on New Years Day, Renz Young is back to give the listeners more music for their ears. This time, Renz expresses his current discomfort and contempt for the recent events happening all across the country involving police brutality and black on black crime. He uses this platform to express his feelings and give insight on the mindset of the many young people who are going through these situations day to day. Renz hopes that listeners take in the message and decide to become advocates for peace. Tie my Hands.


Jep Roadie – On My Gravestone (single)

It’s been quite a while since we heard from Jep. Below he explains the absence. He did some sould searching and he explains the transition in his life below.

“I have grown up a lot over the last year. I’m over the bullshit. You wont catch me “turning up”. I do mostly everything in moderation. I cut my drinking down to almost 0. Transitioned from several blunts a day to a bowl pack or two. Stopped smoking cigarettes, thank the lord. As life became better, I became more restless. There is a continuous feeling of impending doom. A feeling of un-fulfillment. We will never know when we are going to die. I learned to face it. Some of us never really live. I am not scared of dying. I am afraid of dying before I can leave my legacy. I am afraid that the people I care about will suffer. I am afraid of not being there for them. I am afraid of dying and being worthless. I wrote this song to try and cope with that feeling. It didn’t bring me much relief in the long term but when I am listening to the song, I feel my purpose. We all want to know what people really think about us. We all want to be able to come back from the dead and see our impact. Unfortunately, we cannot. But we can write songs that may live forever. I’ll just leave it in the hands of the lord. I’m going to smile til’ I feel alright. Bless.”

Twitter – @PeaceJepRoadie

G’ da P – Closer To My Dreams / Other Shit (2 Videos)

What happens when a talented young man who grew up in the streets of Racine moves to Minnesota to hone his skills, comes back, and unleashes his talents on the very community he was raised in?? Press play! Kush Ent!

Twitter – @StudioJunky3557

IG – StudioJunky_3557

FaceBook – G’da P KushEnt Biggk’sDuuh