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Courteous L – Ming Moon (single)

Another smooth ass track by the homie Courteous L on behalf of Rapcine. I don’t know who the producer is on this but they definitely did their thing. I know L has a strong backing by the homie @SickSiah41 and if this is another one of his in house producers he is blessed. Can’t wait to hear what the squad brings in 2015!

Twitter – @CourteousL

Demrick x Cali Cleve – Don’t Judge (Dir. @JakobOwens)

When I met Demrick @ the Meth and Redman show in Milwaukee I saw a man controlling a packed house with every track he dropped, and the crowd rocking with him from beginning to end. And they didn’t know a GOD DAMN SONG!! His presence, performance and delivery were off the chain. Soon as the man stepped off stage I introduced myself. He was a complete stranger, but there was something special about him.

From there I followed him on twitter and did my research, man………. this MF can spit! Very happy to have networked with him, and to see him working with one of the most prominent directors featured on Rapcine now, Jakob Owens. Best of luck to both of these gents in 2015, I see big things comin!!


Get “Don’t Judge” on iTunes:

Demrick “Losing Focus” in stores February 24th, 2015 on Battle Axe Records and is available for pre-order online at


Video Credits:
Director/Editor – Jakob Owens
DP: Tom Taugher

Production – Cali Cleve

Futuristic – Feel Good #OneTake (Dir. @JakobOwens)

Rappers can’t one take VERSES…. Let that sink in. I’ve seen it first hand, punching in every 4 bars to make sure they get their breathing right, or their delivery is fucked up, or they wanna re-word a line, or they didn’t memorize their shit before they hit the booth. And that’s just a fraction of the song. So what happens when the camera comes on??

Clearly Futuristic and Jakob Owens planned the fuck out of this video, or if not, they’re just amazing at what they do (Definitely a possibility). At any rate, the homie Futuristic is back with a unique video featuring him delivering the entire song AND video in a single take. #Salute

Follow Futuristic:…

Directed by: @JakobOwens

DP: Tom Taugher

Order the “JOP LUT Bundle” HERE:

Pressure – Silent Screams (Mixtape)

Download Mixtape |
Darryl Di’ Quan Sanford (born July 29, 1993) at the age of 14, was introduced to the Entertainment Industry by Multi-platinum producers “Dream Team”. A young American Hip-Hop Recording Artist from Jersey City, New Jersey with a mastermind !, better known simply as ”Pressure” or ”Mr. Whut It Dew ?”.

At the age of 16, Darryl Sanford known to the entertainment industry as Pressure has done more than most teens do all day. Wake up, write down a hot 16, head to school, hit the studio to record, attend a scheduled photo shoot, then do it all again. With a style all his own and a swagger that captures the eye of many, Pressure is a Hip Hop phenomenon that writes his own lyrics and delivers them with a powerful confidence that puts him amongst the best in the game. Pressures talents doesnt stop there, he is an amazing graphic designer that designs and develops his own CD artwork, and has now began recording, mixing and producing his own music and videos.

For Booking / Beats or Features:

Instagram: @WhoIsPressure or PressureVEVO

Taylor J – Last Night (single)

Taylor J is a 23 year-old emcee from St Paul, Minnesota.
He’s been mentored by hip-hop historian Shaheem Reid, who’s
slowly but surely showing him the ropes in the music industry.
Taylor J has already collaborated with the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Rocko, Gucci Mane,
Taylor J releases the first official single “Last Night” from his EP “Central Ave” which is slated to release in January

Epic Hero – Come & Go (Dir. @i_am_Theshooter)

With “Attic Music” out now; Epic Hero hit up Don Tarantino for her latest visual for the trippy track about the broads she deals with in today’s society and how they “Come & Go”.


Directed by Don Tarantino @i_am_Theshooter and Director of Photography Julian Cedron. Co- edited by Julian Cedron and Don Tarantino

Produced by Aye – K.o

Artist | Epic Hero | @_epichero_