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Tell P – Back 4 The Hell Of It (Dir. Spaceflight Films)

THC spitter and Kenosha legened Tell P is back and ready to bite anyone’s head off who stands in the way of him and his squad!! With visuals from the hardest working director in Kenosha (Tangie Hillman) Tell P has cameos from his whole squad and is staking claim on his reign in the midwest once again!!

Tell P’s facebook -

Spaceflight films –

Rob Hicks – LXSTSXULS (Album)

Rob Hicks Delivers his new album LXSTSXULS today, after getting us excited with leaks like “SIMON” and “The Purge” .The album follows up his strong debut, “project8″ released in Novemeber of last year.

The rising Wisconsin rapper keeps LXSTSXULS  to 13 records, plus an additonal 3 BONUS TRACKS with production from some of the cats who also worked on Project8 : RiverW, Mr.49Keyz, Magic Made and more.

Select features come from his Sounds of faith label mates Anita Will and Epic Hero, and fellow Wisconsin Rappers L.E.X, Esch, J Salvo, Hesh, and VivaHeartBreak. Be sure to follow Rob Hicks on twitter @ROBERTDOESIT .

Listen/download and let us know what you think.  #SOF Stand up!!


Video Description: Fresh off of his “Year Of The Snake” Mix tape Interstate Snake is back again with his latest visual “I’m Cookin”. This visual gives you a look into Interstate Snakes lifestyle and what he is all about. Hailing from Virginia he is making his way around the whole DMV music scene. There is alot more to come from Interstate Snake and his camp. Stay tuned and keep watching what he is doing he has alot more music ahead.

Twitter: @InterstateSnake @DOEBOYdaDEACON_

@MyNameKhemist – Man Down (single)

Philly native Khemist, inspired by Lauryn Hill and Nas, has blessed his fans with a very powerful single about the every day struggle that seemed to be swept under the rug until the people of Ferguson made one of hundreds of deaths a national news story.

In memory of all the unarmed African-American men murdered by police. Man Down is the first track to be released from Khemist and Dj Aktive’s next project, “KHEMIST x AKTIVE 2″

Follow the Temple student on twitter and search him on youtube to see and hear a lot more!

Twitter: @MyNameKhemist
Instagram: @MyNameKhemist

D-Whip – You Know What It Is (single)

Get to know me through my music. Whiplash has a few sides to it and I want everyone to see all of them — the crazy party side and the softer, deeper side of me as an artist. Its been a crazy last year for me, and those who know me well know that statement is all but true. This is the intro to my mixtape. I CANNOT wait to drop a few tracks off of this tape. “I Did It” and this, “You Know What It Is” are just the start! Appreciate any likes, shares, comments good or bad! It all helps! ‪#‎WHIPLASH‬

Twitter – @CamMDWhip