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T. Walker – Alegra Henderson (EP)

T. Walker releases his Alegra Henderson EP today on bandcamp and AudioMack. Featuring artist such as Jaylavita & Alexus Kelley as well as production from MookBetter, Joey Castellani and more, Alegra Henderson is a young lady who’s made up of stories of women T. Walker has encountered. Journey through the highs and lows and groovy production.

Twitter/IG: @TWalkerNC




Gem’n'ah Mewzik – Rock Da House (video)

Gem’n'ah Mewzik – Rock Da House from Gem’n'ah Mewzik on Vimeo.

G.E.M.’N’.A.H. M.E.W.Z.I.K. (Great Eternal Magical ‘Noble’ And Hypnotic Music
Equipped With Zenithal Inspirational Knowledge) is a Hip-Hop/RnB formed by
Sty-Low alias “the evil twin” (rapper/singer/producer), and Monique Spence
alias “the good twin” (singer/engineer).
Mixing the conciousness and roughness of Hip-Hop with the melodies and
smoothness of RnB, those two geminis bring real subject matters to your ears
with an unique sound that has you captivated.
The philosophical dimension of their music can be defined as a constant battle
between good music and wack music, that’s why “keeping good music afloat in
a wack music ocean” or “good music vs wack music… choose your side” are the
kind of quotes that are a total part of Gem’n'ah Mewzik.

Director : Shawn Haynes For LAC Productions

Jo Jo – “Turn Around” (Dir. by Space Flight Films)

22 year old ambitious songwriter Jose Salazar aka JoJo, made this ideal song to send a positive message. Turnaround is a motivational song for those going down the wrong path. This song is also based on life experiences and life events that Jojo had dealt with. The haunting of the booze bottles we’re always present until he realized he needed to turn around and stop running away from his past, and to confront it like a real man should. Instead of all the provocative songs Jojo could have done, he chooses to approach his songs in a more mature manner talking about actual facts, to open up people eyes that there is more to hiphop and rap than slannging and gang banging. Hope you guys enjoy the video hope you guys like the message I’m trying to put out there. So if you find yourself walking down the wrong path, or stuck at a crossroad with nowhere to go. All you have to do is simply TurnAround start over, find the right path, and you can overcome the greatest obstacles!