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Daddy Dinero – All Black (Official Music Video)

Minneapolis MC @DaddyDineroTM is making some SERIOUS NOISE with his new video “All Black” which has only been out a little over a month, and already has 11,000 views on youtube!! Make sure you follow him on twitter and get familiar!!

Name:        Romar Daniel

Rap Name: Daddy Dinero
Twitter:      @DaddyDineroTM
YouTube:   OfficialDineroMusic

Produced by

Smokey Da Bandit – Murda (Video Dir. By Ryan Lynch)

Legendary Midwest Underground Emcee Smokey Da Bandit releases another classic video for his record “MURDA” off the highly anticipated upcoming album “SEE NO, SPEAK NO, HEAR NO BULLSHIT”.





Thanks for your unconditional love & support!!

@CDotFields – The Canvas 2 (beat tape)

Multi Talented artist Chris Fields returns with a new Beat Tape entitled “The Canvas 2″. Always pushing the edge with creativity, Chris shows why he is different from most up and coming artists. “I started producing when I wasn’t getting help or beats from people. I was just trying to find anyway to separate myself from other artists out” Chris adds; “When your driven the road seems endless. In time I knew the more I worked on my craft the more people would recognize my talent and what I can do.” “The Canvas 2″ is available for purchase via - To listen (No embed capability)

@CDotFields on twitter


Representing Las Vegas, Nevada Bank$ta Quake is coming strong with his new anthem “P.I.M.P.” that features Slim 400 who is currently signed to rap superstar YG.

This new single is going to build up hype as Bank$ta Quake will drop his new project this summer “Quaker Dopedeal Vol.1″


Rapcine presents – Mella Gee (BTS video)

Mella G invited us out to Digital Wreck Studios for a all access studio session. Rooms with 80 inch flat screens, computers for more than 30 children and every video game you can imagine. I t was clear to me that Drumma and his business partners have built more than just a studio, this is their legacy. After being amazed by almost everything in the building we arrived in an engineers dream boot. Set-up to where you can record yourself in the booth if you so please.


5140 N. TEUTONIA Milwaukee, WI  414-455-3949

Willie Smif – Better Than You Dir. by @FuckCatchPhrase (video)

Better Than You is a battle between me and my inner conscious.
My inner conscious is basically trying to make me commit to being someone or acting like someone I’m not.
So as the video shows me running from the negative.
I get to a point in life where there is no more running.
It’s either stand up for my beliefs.
Or suffer and fall I to the negative lifestyles that surround us.
Better Than You was not a diss to anyone it was more of a wake up call for myself.
Telling the negative inner conscious of mine that I am Better Than You in all aspects.
And I can’t and will not be convinced otherwise.
and @ThePlaceForThings

Written & Performed by: @SwaggTime2G
Shot & Edited by: @FUCKCATCHPHRASE

2nd single from his debut album: Criminal Rhymes

X-Phaze – Hold Me (single)

(1st Verse)
When they H to the O-L
D me I know well
It usually isn’t gonna go well
Oh well, the X should’ve been the symb o-l
That you were gonna end up well below hell
It’s yo L, isn’t it so swell
You can fidget, twist, and you can go yell
There is no tell, no wait, I won’t dwell
Oh wait, Ill go now and leave you with a person named yourself
And hopefully you’ll see your hope fail
Cause in your fantasy, there will be no help
Regardless of what they might do
Even despite who they can try to

Hold me
They think that they can
Hold me
But they will never get to
Hold me
Down (x4)

Hold me
They think that they can
Hold me
But I will never let you
Hold me
Down (x4)

(2nd Verse)
I was ten feet under
Within a coffin I was locked in deep slumber
All it took was one clap of the thunder
Then it just sundered
Who would’ve wondered
I chose my only option
I broke right out the coffin
What good’s a memory if those within it are forgotten
I peeked my eyes around for people watching
The coast was clear so I just ripped the yellow tapes with caution
I threw it all into where I had fallen
Continued walkin, ’cause even the electric fences weren’t shockin’
Didn’t plan on stoppin I was hoppin right through
Even despite who they can try to

Hold me
They think that they can
Hold me
But they will never get to
Hold me
Down (x4)

Original production by JL


Smokey B – Calm Down Prod. @ASAP_Waffle (Week 25)

Smokey B of Kenosha’s own Prophits 16 drops his latest smoking session freestyle over the eclectic sample by @Asap_Waffle. Sometimes the inner struggles an artist deals with lead to heart felt lyrics that can honestly touch the most fans.  I ask you listen a few times and pay attention to the honesty in these two verses.

Teflon – Run Game (Dir. by Teflon)

Teflon is back with another visual courtesy of his own label 50 Shot Ent. With Book of Teflon soon to be released, expect plenty more visuals from the Racine veteran who’s grind is second to none.