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Lil Law – Trap Vampire (Official Video) Shot by @Quiccsavo

Fresh up out of Waukegan, Illinois Lil Law has a Midwest swag that will make any club bounce. The street mentality has shaped itself to understand the scale that hip-hop has risen too, and it shows it the music becoming more and more universal by the minute. “Trap Vampire” is the story of life on that late night grind where blood suckers prey on the weak. Drugs being sold and women being pimped while armed robberies are in progress. You never know what you just might get when you hustle in the trap. Check out Lil Law right here on Rapcine!!

Stephano Damera – I’m From Racine (single)

Sometimes you run across a track that has a hook and it instantly grabs you. A lot of small town rappers lie about where they come from, but Racine has always had it’s own swag. If you’ve ever been around these parts then you know the world is a ghetto, and this song take you on a trip through almost every block. Showing how life is for young drug dealers and gang bangers who continue put their lives on the line against the system. Check out the latest single from Stephano Damera right here on!! 

Flamez x Tooly – Till I Die (video)

Flamez (Brandon Isa Gulati), co-founder of Hot Torch Empire was born February 23,1994 in New York City but due to circumstances and in hopes of a brighter future, he relocated to Raleigh, NC. In his early teenage years, with Flamez gangbanging hard and living the street life to the end, trouble was everywhere and Flamez was headed down the path of destruction… until he found music! A year after Flamez recorded his first song at the age of 14, his mom sent him to Kenya to live with his dad because the way things were going he would have been dead or in jail. He spent a whole year and a half in Kenya writing music. After being expelled from school for the 4th time in his life he was sent back home with the mindset of “music is life”.. its MUSIC or NOTHING for Flamez and you can hear all his emotion through his lyrics.
Twitter: @Flaaaaamez (5 A’s)

D.E., Twizy Da Great & Stick Unkrane – Scarface (video)

Met this youngster fresh out of prison and on a mission to get his name known by all means. With his dreds hanging and grill shining his slim frame towers over most. As part of Wild Hunnit Ent. Twizy has his family behind him and his heart is set on being worldwide recognized. Check out his latest video “Scarface” right here on!!

Perk Banks – Rise Yung (feat. Ekow) [Prod. By Marcus "Gameface" Boyd]

Artist Name: Perk Banks
Song: Rise Yung (feat. Ekow) [Prod. by Marcus "Gameface" Boyd]
The Newest Release Off His Upcoming Project “The Train Effect“.

Since moving to New York only 10 months ago, Perk has been on pursuit chasing his fantasy of becoming a world-changing artist and entertainer. He has made tremendous progress, opening the eyes of many high quality hip-hop figures with his artistry and stage presence.

Twitter: @EverydayEntNJ