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Yung Air – Politics (Official Video)

Yung Air’s Remix to Jay-z’s Legendary song “Politics As Usual”
Yung Air Displays his elusive delivery and Explosive Lyrics once again as he prepares to release his highly anticipated Mixtape entitled “Oxygen”. Oxygen is set to b released Late Summer/Early Fall.
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BDK – Edward Snowden (single)

Yeah.. all my freedom fighters out there… be ready. Our time will come. Ok.

First off the NSA we should not stand for.
If PRISM is your vision then the light wont reach the glass floor,
The plot came a long way from Oh Eight
I voted for change and got repaid with a tapped phone.

Each secret keeps on leakin and its treason
But I dont want my kids to grow up and ask “whats freedom?”
Hack into the CIA’s mainframe,
Strap ya militia up wit heaters, til were bleedin from an AK.

Tread on me is not the motherfuckin anthem.
“Give me liberty” or a motherfuckin handgun.
Give me Patrick Henry and a pint of Sammy Adams
I feel like Liam Neeson gettin Taken for a ransom.

Captain Planet tell the cabin when we land, and.
Notify the cabbie with the journalist from Samsung
Everywhere I go I’m blowin whistles, stir the action
Hunted like a crim-nel by the country that I’m banned from.

How… Did we… Let it get this bad…. Let it get this bad…
How… Did we… Let it come to that…. Let it come to that…

Come and peep the American dream,
perilous streets filled with kids and no parents to teach
Charity paroties fairly well wit an arrogant feast.
no sparin believers from all da fanfare and speech.

Obama yo, thought you supposed to back Chicago.
but everytime I visit I feel the populace lost HOPE.
Ain’t nothin new, shits been bad since Nineteen Eighty.
That’s why everyone I know from the ghetto sprawled out to Racine.

You trynna tell me the senate should be responsible
when youre the don mega on the presidential honor roll?
get off ur honest Abe, shadow dwellin mock charade,
you could never walk those footsteps when you never stop to pay

homage to the darkest places in the nation’s basement.
You dont learn that shit in Makiki, no matter how you fake it.
Got the people but your missin half the principles.
sell me on a reason that you care about the miserable.

Album dropping this winter ”TrailBlazer (Vol. 1): Burning Bridges”, 

Murkk Da Monsta – Monsta Muzick (Mixtape)

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Murkk Da Monsta is a rap artist from out of St.Louis Mo where he was born and raised…started rapping at the age of nine and since then has been performing at different venues all over the city and in different states… Such as the blueberry hill lounge…The super jam2011..and club escalades just to name a few… His lyrical ability with such a strong and powerful delivery that demands what makes him stand out from other artist..Be on the lookout for Murkk Da Monsta in a city near you.

Trel Mack- Inspired By Greatness Ft. Q The Question (Video)

Building a strong blog presence over the last year being featured on every major site Philly’s Trel Mack has gained much critical acclaim from his ep “Inspired By Greatness”. Here is his latest video which is the intro from “Inspired By Greatness” ft. Q The Question!

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Trel Mack “Inspired By Greatness” out now!

City Baby – F.O.E (Family Over Everything) prod by Alex Ander

FleeNation presents Yonkers, NY rapper City Baby (@MrCityBaby) aka Yung Flee’s new single “F.O.E (Family Over Everything)” produced by the hot upcoming producer Alex Ander (@BeatsByA)!  After gaining a nice buzz in his hometown, the Nigerian rapper’s last video “Dead Prez” did impressive numbers and appeared on WorldStarHipHop!  He’s planning on releasing his new mixtape “Flee Nation Vol 1″ sometime this year with solid production and a special guest feature from Fred the Godson!  Follow City Baby….
Instagram – Yung_Flee