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Rob Hicks – Pipe Dreams 2 (mixtape)

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Robert Hicks better known as his abbreviated stage name “Rob Hicks” is a 22 year old American Unsigned Independent Recording artist from Racine, Wisconsin. He began writing music at the age of 9, but has started to take his music more seriously in recent years. He has released 7 mixtapes and albums in the past three years, “Pipe Dreams”, and “Pipe Dreams 2″ are the most known and can both be found on The mixtapes have gotten Robert some well deserved recognition as an artist from other artist and promotion teams in Wisconsin and Illinois. He is currently unsigned and slated to release yet another independed mixtape titled “Writers block Theory” It has been confirmed by Rob himself that the project will be released on June 28th,2013

DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak – Flavor In Ya Ear (Freestyle)

DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak – Flavor In Ya Ear (Freestyle) by Djyrsjerzypromo

DJ YRS Jerzy and his artist Chox-Mak have been on a winning streak with every single and or freestyle that they release. This time they take on “Flavor In Ya Ear” which is a classic track that was brought to everyone in the 1990′s by Craig Mack. The single was later on remixed by The Notorious B.I.G. which brought the single most of it’s fame. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are also in the process of working on an all 90′s freestyle mixtape which will surely do numbers on the internet.

Cocky Streetz – Put It On My Tab (mixtape)

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Who is Cocky Streetz Mr.365? Cocky is an Artist, Promoter, Sponsor of his own Hiphop/Rap music. Cocky is not your average local artist, he already have the look that attract the female and make the males want to follow him. Cocky comes with his own street team his New mixtape “guaranteed” is in every store and club in the NC region. Cocky only spit his life and truthfulness that’s why the fans relate to him so much. His 6”4 height in long dreads and powerful voice make his shows sold out. He also throw a lot of parties in NC and SC. Cocky started with a few dollars and a dream and less than a year became the Hottest hip hop artist in the streets including fan custom logo t-shirts and posters and mixtapes in every location in NC region. Cocky goal is not a lot of artist from NC are respected as lyricist but, thank god for Cocky Streetz he here to prove that there is one to prove it. If he sells out everything that’s affiliated with him now as an independent artist then he will be global with the right company backing him. Cocky has shows at small clubs and concerts everywhere he travels from state to state and city from city. Planning a huge mixtape release party that’s already rsvp of 2,000 fans. With cocky it’s not signing an Artist that you have to make somebody by signing cocky you signed a Movement that doesn’t need anything but extra Help and as the mixtape say its “Guaranteed” show, music, lyrics, fans, and ect. Is Guaranteed. Future plan is for Cocky and his street team “Revenue 365” is to hold up their name and go hard 365 days a year and become the voice of the streets to motivate the guys and females that’s going in the wrong direction as Cocky was in the past. Show them that dreams do come true but why wait for that when you can go hard and it pays off and to pray to god and have faith. Cocky lyrics flow and instrumentals are the best. He produces and Write His own music. So Let’s All get rich and for those ones that’s already rich let’s get richer and change a lot of people lives.

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Real Name: George Goins

Stage Name: Cocky Streetz

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