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Rapcine Spotlight – Sir Michael Beats (Producer/Video)

SirMichael Beats ,age 22, born and raised in Racine WI.
Just started producing beats four years ago. He found a passion in old school Hip-Hop and Jazz, which led to the purchase of his first MPC. Once he started to get serious he built a small studio in the basement, and started to record a couple of friends who shared a similar passion for Hip-Hop. Sir Michael started to quickly realize how far he could take his passion, bought the Akai MPC2000XL and the love for sampling took off.
Eventually he started to network, and began working with Chris Styles Gray and a few other artists. In the spring of 2012, Sir Michael and Ekstoluke created the producing duo “The Jazzward” and entered the MiltownBeatdown. With over 80 entries the duo made SERIOUS noise but was ousted in the finals after knocking out several Wisconsin heavy weights. They were even dubbed “the midwest neptunes” after one of the most intense rounds of this year’s competition.
The loss of the MilTownBeatDown only seemed to fuel his and Ekstoluke’s fire. They’re now a part of a team that boasts emcees Mikey Fast Life and Kevin Getzen, as well as fellow producer B Wee. Sir Michael laces a couple beats on Kevin Getzen’s latest release The Canvas, and you will also hear him on Mikey Fast Life’s EP Will Rap For Beer. He looks forward to working with plenty of different artists from Racine, as well as starting to DJ different venues. If anyone would like to contact him for beats he can be contacted at or @SirMichaelBeats

Benjamin David Kerns – Mandatory Quarantine (album download)

An underground hip-hop artist born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin and now living in Madison, BDK uses witty lyrics, clever wordplay and an intricate rhyming flow to create an elaborate musical vision. With influences spanning punk rock, rock n’ roll, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop, Benjamin David Kerns is a breath of fresh air for a diverse range of audiences looking for something different.

Rapcine Freestyle – Frost B (No Church)

Frost B aka Frosty bka the hood LEGEND told me to come out to this bday party at 215 am Saturday….. when I showed up this MF was READY to show and prove why they been sayin he’s the baddest white boy in the hood for years!! This is the first freestyle I’ve released accompanied by a beat…. this dude is a BAAAAAAD MAN!!

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