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Breez – Livin for Tomorrow (video/mixtape)

As a young artist at 22 years of age, Breez has been concentrated on music for the last 8 years. Whether that be as a recording artist, or as a apprentice mixing engineer for other acts. With his latest full length solo album “Livin’ For Tomorrow” consists of a captivatingly wide range of music over various soulful beats from nearby local and big named producers. As a New Yorker from Middletown, which is 60 miles north of Queens, Breez started writing and recording music with a group of friends fueled by his surrounding influences and experiences at an early age where his love and talent for music developed and blossomed. From there on it was freestyle, and battles in the lunchroom cafeteria to live performances at local colleges and clubs. Notable acts he has worked with and for on projects include Emilio Rojas, Nino Bless and Jersey’s own Ransom.

Mixtape – Livin’ For Tomorrow


Twitter – @BreezBitch

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