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In February of 1996 the city of Racine gave birth to the legend of Mr.Wicked. At only 14 with the release of his debut album “Journey Into Evil” he would forever change the landscape of hip-hop in Wisconsin. Selling over 5,000 units out of a small downtown record store called Main Stream Records alone put his name in the record books. Radio play on V100 & WGCI in Chicago,Ill. helped him gain even more traction as a small town kid. The relationship between him and his label were beginning to crumble as he looked to escape the claws of his first record contract.

After being officially released from his label and rendered hopeless Mr.Wicked began burning any and every track he could get his hands on eventually linking up with the KGB a local group of artists in Racine. At 16 he decided to move to Milwaukee only 30 minutes away from home where his mother pleaded with him to come. As the pressure of the streets became to much to bare he moved and it would be his greatest decision.

After a year in Milwaukee he met Kimble Wheeler (KB) who was a local drug dealer and aspiring executive. The friendship blossomed and the connection between KB and J.Billa of GunzDown Productions made the movement magical. With the release of his second album “Midwest Hardhead” he was more prepared for the game than ever.

After the Midwest Harhead & Rule One album expectations were through the roof for this young man but the politics of the industry seemed to be closing it’s doors on the possibility of national fame. Even at this time the internet hadn’t reached the place where we find it today and the access to music was a lot less attainable. So, just like so many other artists he became drained of all the politics the game had to offer. He eventually walked away from the public eye but always kept working at a furious pace.

Now with the birth of & Badger State Gang Mr.Wicked is opening more doors for his city and state than ever before. With his return in the form of such a pioneer for the next generation they often asked what happened to the young man with so much potential. Now with the release of “The Lost Years” the past is all self explainable. Hosted by Dj Stop N Go and ready made for the streets!!

@Rapcine @WilliamHMuzik

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