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With all the time and effort that went into this project, I couldn’t be more satisfied. But I am nothing without the support of the producers who provided the music for the project, and the artists who gave it life!! Please reach out to the artists individually and share your feelings on their work!! If you’re an artist, reach out to the producers!! So many talented individuals involved in this project!! I can’t thank them enough!! Thank you to @jaywhyenecks for the mixdown. Thanks to @TR_414 for giving some artists a home to record when the future looked bleak!! You’ve all done so much, thank you to everyone who submitted a track, and those who tried but just couldn’t make it happen!!

There are many videos to follow, photo shoots and more!! Please support these artists as they chase their dreams!! They definitely Found Their Inspiration!! Will you find yours!?!?!

Twitter – @RAPCINE

All artists and producers are listed by their twitter names!

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Trevor Stieg - One Shot Submission_20141216-20185614