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The Bizle Nation front man is at it again, but this time from a different angle. Jerm Bizle has taken a very aggressive approach in addressing the current state of mainstream music and American society, in general. The reason for this switch in direction is very simple: he wants change.

Bizle turned on the radio one day, and listened to just a few of America’s chart-topping songs. He was disgusted. Jerm noticed that every song he heard followed the same template, as far as musical arrangement, style, and lyrics. There is little to no individually in music anymore; and mainstream music has taken the art right out of the art form.

The topic among mainstream music seems to be “do what you want and be happy.” This is a destructive message to send to people. Because, in real life, you can’t do whatever you want. There are repercussions for being selfish and living only for yourself.

Music is such an influential tool in our lives. It transforms or enhances our mood. If music can have such a powerful impact on people, why are we making music that destroys our fellow man, instead of making music that lifts people up?

Jerm Bizle’s goal is to create a sound that is going to inspire people to do something constructive with their time, efforts, and talents. Moving forward, he is going to be releasing music that tackles a lot of the topics surrounding our society that mainstream musicians are ignoring, in hopes that the content of his message will give you the freedom to think outside the box, develop your own opinion and understanding, and have a conversation about it with your friend, family member, or neighbor.

Don’t just watch and hear…listen. You might walk away with a different understanding than you had before clicked “play.”

Twitter – @JermBIZLE

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