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After the release of blood from my headphones the streets are still buzzing about Billa Boss. Such a new face to so many, but he has the presence of a veteran with his charisma. Well, he is a seasoned veteran who started in the group “Hell Raisers” with Willaim H. -aka- Mr.Wicked himself back in 1994. After life took these two in seperate directions it would soon merge lanes. They finally hooked back up for the first time over the summer working with 6ward Records.
William H & Billa Boss “Pain of a Slave” will be released October 15th 2014. “KILLA” is the first single from the album. A hard gut wrenching track about the war called life in Chicago,Illinois. Some may consider this just another song glorifying violence but this is a cold truth that most refuse to face. As they take you inside a city with over 600 murders in a calendar year this is the true essence of everything Chicago. A city where “KILLA” is a culture and murder is means of survival.
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@Billaboss103 @Onewilliamh @6wardfilms @Rapcine

Album – Pain of a Slave AVAILABLE NOW -

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