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As Webster X continues to separate himself from his peers, the visual that Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue just knocked out of the park shows you why WebsterX is ready for world wide fame, and beyond!

Often times I encourage emcees to push the blaze their own trail. Create their own sound and above all, be themselves. WebsterX has been doing everything humanly possible to provide his hard core fans with a consistent sound, while at the same time, being a breath of fresh air to those who may not have been aware of his existence. With every song, live performance, video and project, he continues to raise the bar higher and higher.

This latest visual has just set a new standard for the emcee and his affiliates. Salute young man, you’ve outdone even yourself with this one. And kudos to Cody and Damien for really delivering on this! Phenomenal work!

DOWNLOAD the single at…

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